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Welcome to http://www.outdoorbabyblog.com!

I’m a girl in (still) early thirties with a background as a biologist and a serious addiction for being outside. I live in Bergen, Norway with a guy that has a special relationship with everything with fins and gills (he has spent more money on fishing rods and reels than I’ve ever spent on shoes), our son who was borned in January 2013, and our Princess, a four-legged and furry irish setter, the diva in our neighbourhood, and the greatest fear of all the birds in the forrest.

As a couple, we spent a lot of time in tents, in the mountains, outdoor- summer, winter, rain or snow. But what would our new life as parents bring? Could we still seek the same adventures, or would we be reduced to a pair of potato sacks, chained to the TV arguing about the remote? Or could we take a baby with us on our small (and bigger) adventures?

Feel free to read about our everyday adventures, leave a comment if you like. I have decided to place the english versions of the blogposts below the Norwegian ones- so if you are not very steady in Norwegian, scroll down, and seek the english headings.

Happy reading!


4 Responses to OutdoorBaby in english

  1. Mae says:

    Wow, the canoe is sturdy enough to handle a dog. I am impressed.

  2. Carolina says:

    Åh vad glad man blir av att läsa och se bilder på den här bloggen, härligt liv för ert barn med så mycket uteliv 🙂

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